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Our database includes over 200 plants, their taxonomic (latin) name, plant type, edible parts, and feeding recommendation. You can find a plant by typing any of these criteria into the search bar. Once you have found the plant you are looking for, click on the picture or common name to be taken to the page for that plant.

Each plant will have one of five different feeding recommendations, explained below. These are general classifications for all species of tortoise and are not intended to dictate the specific feeding schedule or percentage of diet for a specific tortoise species. For more information on recommended diets for individual species, please see the page for that species.

PictureCommon NameLatin NamePlant TypeEdible PartsClassification
Mimosa, AcaciaAcacia spTree/ShrubDo Not Feed
Pansy, ViolaViola sp.PlantFlowersSafe to Feed
African Couch GrassDigitaria abyssinicaGrassLeavesSafe to Feed
AlfalfaMedicago sativiaWeedDo Not Feed
AloeAloe veraSucculentEntire PlantFeed in Moderation
Alyssum, Sweet AlyssumLobularia maritimaPlantLeaves, FlowersFeed Sparingly
Apple (fruit)Malus domesticaTreeFruit Feed Sparingly/Do Not Feed
Arugula, Rocket, RucolaEruca sativaHerbLeaves, FlowersFeed Sparingly
Asperagus FernAsperagus setaceus; Asperagus plumosisFernLeavesFeed Sparingly/Do Not Feed
AsterAster sp.PlantLeavesFeed Sparingly
Baby's Tears; Irish MossSoleirolia soleirolliPlantLeavesSafe to Feed
Bamboo Muhly GrassMuhlenbergia dumosaGrassEntire PlantSafe to Feed
Banana LeavesMusa sp.Tree/ShrubFeed in Moderation
BarnyardgrassEchinochloa crus; Echinochloa galliGrassLeavesSafe to Feed
BasilOcimum basillicumHerbLeavesFeed in Moderation
BegoniasBegonia sp.SucculentDo Not Feed
BermudaCynodon dactylonGrassLeavesSafe to Feed
Big BluestemAndropogon gerardiiGrassLeavesFeed in Moderation
Bindweed, Field BindweedConvolvulus prostratusWeedLeavesFeed Sparingly
Birds Nests FernAsplenium nidusPlantLeavesFeed Sparingly/Do Not Feed
Birdsfoot TrefoilLotus corniculatusWeedDo Not Feed
BittercressCardamine hirsuta; Cardamine flexuosaWeedLeavesFeed Sparingly
Black MustardBrassica nigraWeedEntire PlantFeed Sparingly/Do Not Feed
Blackberry, BrambleRubus fruticosus, Rubus sp.PlantLeavesFeed Sparingly
BluedicksDichelostemma pulchellumWildflowerFlowerSafe to Feed
Bluegrass, annualPoa annuaGrassGrassSafe to Feed
Boston FernNephrolepsis exaltaFernLeavesSafe to Feed
Bottle BrushCallistemonPlantDo Not Feed
BromeBromus sp.GrassLeavesSafe to Feed
BuckwheatEriogonum fasciculatumWeedLeavesFeed Sparingly
BuffelgrassCenchrus ciliarisGrassGrassSafe to Feed
BugleweedAjuga reptansWeedLeaves, FlowersFeed in Moderation
Bundleflower, Illinois BundleflowerDesmanthus illinoensisTree/ShrubDo Not Feed
Canarygrass, littleseedPhalaris minorGrassGrassSafe to Feed
Carnation, DianthusDianthus sp.PlantFeed Sparingly
Carrot, Wild CarrotDaucus carotaWeed RootsFeed Sparingly/Do Not Feed
CassiaSenna sp.Tree/ShrubDo Not Feed
Cat's EarsHypochoeris sp.WeedSafe to Feed
ChamomileChamaemelum nobilePlantDo Not Feed
Chewings FescueFestuca rubra commutataGrassLeavesFeed Sparingly/Do Not Feed
Chickweed Cerastium arvenseWeedFeed Sparingly
ChicoryCichorium sp.Weed Leaves, RootsFeed in Moderation
Chinese LanternPhysalis sp.Plant, FlowerDo Not Feed
ChrysanthemumChrysanthemum sp.PlantFlowersFeed in Moderation
Chufa; Yellow Nut GrassCyperus esculentusGrassLeavesFeed Sparingly
Cinnamon FernOsumunda cinnamomeaFernFeed Sparingly/Do Not Feed
Climbing Nasturtium; Garden Nasturtium; Indian CressTropaeolum majusVineFeed Sparingly
CloverTrifolium repens; Trifolium pratenseWeedFeed in Moderation
ColeusColeus sp.PlantDo Not Feed
Collard GreensBrassica oleraceaShrubLeavesFeed in Moderation
Common Greenbrier; CatbrierSilax roundfolia sp.WeedDo Not Feed
Common Sorrel Oxalis sp.ShrubDo Not Feed
Coneflower, purpleEchinacea sp.; RudbeckiaHerbSafe to Feed
Coreopsis, TickseedCoreopsis giganta, tinctoria, atkinsoniana, calliopsideaPlantLeaves, FlowersSafe to Feed
Corn PlantDracaena fragransPlantFeed Sparingly
Cornflower; Bachelor's ButtonsCentaurea cyanusPlantLeaves, FlowersFeed in Moderation
CrabgrassDigitaria sanguinalisGrassFeed in Moderation
Creeping Bell, Creeping BellflowerCampanula rapunculoidesWeedFlowerFeed in Moderation
Creeping Charlie, Ground IvyGlechoma hederaceaVineDo Not Feed
Creeping Jenny, MoneywortLysimachia nummlariaVineFeed in Moderation
Crimson CloverTrifolium incarnatumPlantLeavesFeed in Moderation
CucumberCucumis sativusShrubFruit Feed in Moderation
Curly Mesquire GrassHilaria belangeriGrassEntire PlantFeed in Moderation
DahliaDahlia pinnata; Dahlia roseaPlantFlowerFeed in Moderation
Daisy, EnglishBellis perennisPlant, WeedDo Not Feed
DandelionTaraxacum offinicialisPlantLeavesFeed in Moderation
DayflowerCommelina benghalensisWeedLeavesFeed Sparingly
Deadnettle, Red; PurpleLamium purpuremWeedSafe to Feed
Deer GrassMuhlenbergia rigensGrassEntire PlantSafe to Feed
Desert DandelionMalacothrix glabrataWeedSafe to Feed
Desert Four O'ClockMirabelis spectabalisWildflowerEntire PlantSafe to Feed
Desert RoseAdenium obesumSucculentDo Not Feed
Dichondra, WonderlawnDichondra repensPlant, WeedLeaves, FlowersSafe to Feed
DockRumex sp.WeedDo Not Feed
Echinacea, ConeflowerEchinacea sp.WeedDo Not Feed
Elephant's foodPortulaca afraSucculentLeavesFeed in Moderation
EndiveCichorium endivia var crispumshrubleavesFeed in Moderation
Escarole, FriséeCichorium endiviaShrubLeavesFeed in Moderation
Evening PrimroseOenothera biensisWeedLeaves, FlowersSafe to Feed
FennelFoeniculum sp.HerbBulbFeed Sparingly/Do Not Feed
Fescue (Blue, Tall, Red, Meadow)Festuca sp.GrassGrassSafe to Feed
Field Mustard, Wild MustardBrassica rapaWeedLeaves, FlowersFeed Sparingly
FigFicus caricaTree/ShrubDo Not Feed
Filaree, StorksbillErodium cicutariumWeedLeavesFeed Sparingly/Do Not Feed
Flowering Maple, AbutilonAbutilon sp.SucculentFlowerSafe to Feed
Fodder Oats, Oat, Oat GrassAvena sativaGrassLeavesSafe to Feed
Fonio, PangolagrassDigitaria sp.GrassEntire PlantFeed in Moderation
ForsythiaForsythia sp.Tree/ShrubFeed Sparingly/Do Not Feed
French Parsley, ChervilAnthriscus sp.HerbDo Not Feed
FuchsiaFuchsia sp. PlantFlowersFeed in Moderation
GazaniaGazania sp.PlantLeaves, FlowersFeed in Moderation
GeraniumPelargonium sp.PlantLeaves, FlowersSafe to Feed
German ChamomileMatricaria chamomillaPlantDo Not Feed
Globe MallowsSphaeralcea sp.WeedEntire PlantFeed in Moderation
Goat Head, BindiiTribulus terrestrisWeedFeed Sparingly/Do Not Feed
Bamboo, Golden Bamboo, Fishpole BambooPhyllostachys sp.Tree/ShrubFeed in Moderation
GoosegrassEleusine indicaGrassEntire plantFeed Sparingly
GrapeVitis viniferaFruitFruit Feed Sparingly/Do Not Feed
Grape VineFamily Vitaceae, BerberidacaeaPlant, VineLeaves, FlowersFeed in Moderation
Grass, St. Augustine; CharlestonStenotaphrum secundatum GrassLeavesSafe to Feed
Guava, Common GuavaPsidium guajavaTree/ShrubLeavesFeed Sparingly/Do Not Feed
Hawk's BeardsCrepis biennis, capilallarisWeedSafe to Feed
HawkbitsLeontodon sp.WeedSafe to Feed
HaworthiaHaworthia spp. SucclentLeavesSafe to Feed
HeathEricaceaeTree/ShrubLeaves, FlowersFeed in Moderation
Hen and ChicksEcheveria sp.SucculentEntire PlantSafe to Feed
HenbitLamium amplexicauleWeedLeaves, FlowersFeed Sparingly/Do Not Feed
HibiscusHibiscus rosa, sinensis, syriacusTree/ShrubLeaves, FlowersSafe to Feed
HollyhockAlcea roseaPlantFlowersSafe to Feed
HonestyLunaria annuaWeedLeavesFeed Sparingly/Do Not Feed
HoneysuckleLonicera interrupta, aponica, periclymenum, caprifoliumWeed, VineLeaves, FlowersFeed Sparingly
Honeysuckle, DesertAnisacanthus thurberiShrubEntire PlantFeed Sparingly
HostaHosta sp.PlantLeaves, Flowers, SeedsFeed Sparingly
Ice Plant, Livingstone DaisyMesembryanthemaceae FamilySucculentSafe to Feed
Iceberg LettuceLactuca sativaWeedLeavesFeed in Moderation
ImpatiensImpatiens wallerianaPlantDo Not Feed
Indian RicegrassOryzopsis hymenoidesGrassFeed in Moderation
Intermediate WheatgrassElytrigia intermediagrassLeavesFeed in Moderation
JasmineJasminum officinalePlantLeavesFeed in Moderation
KaleBrassica oleraceaPlantLeavesFeed in Moderation
KikuyugrassPennisetum clandestinumGrassDo Not Feed
Knotweed, Japanese KnotweedPolygonum sp.WeedDo Not Feed
KudzuPuerar lobataWeed, VineLeaves, FlowersFeed Sparingly
LavenderLavandula angustifolia, labiataePlantLeaves, FlowersFeed in Moderation
LilacSyringa vulgarisPlantSafe to Feed
DaylilyHemerocallis sp.PlantLeavesFeed in Moderation
Lily, EasterLilium sp.PlantDo Not Feed
Link & OttoTradescantia crassulaSucculentFeed in Moderation
Live ForeverSedum purpureumSucculentFeed Sparingly
Loquat BushEriobotrya japonicaTree/ShrubFeed Sparingly/Do Not Feed
MallowMalva sylvestris, rotundifolia, neglecta, moschataPlant, WeedLeaves, Roots, SeedsSafe to Feed
MapleAcer saccharumTree/ShrubSafe to Feed
MarigoldTagetes sp.PlantDo Not Feed
Milk ThistleSilybum marianumWeedFeed in Moderation
Mojave AsterMachaeranthera tortifoliaWildflowerFeed in Moderation
Monkey Plant, Mexican Petunia, Wild PetuniaRuellia sp.PlantLeaves, FlowersSafe to Feed
Moon Flower, Morning GloryIpomoea sp.PlantDo Not Feed
Mother of PearlGraptopetalum paraguayanPlantSafe to Feed
Mother of Thousands, Mexican Hat, Devils Backbone, Alligator PlantKalanchoe sp.SucculentDo Not Feed
Mulberry Tree, Paper MulberryMorus alba, nigraTree/ShrubLeaves, Fruit Safe to Feed
MushroomsFeed Sparingly/Do Not Feed
Mustard, Cress Brassica sp.PlantLeavesFeed Sparingly
Needlegrass, Desert NeedlegrassStipa speciosaGrassDo Not Feed
Nettle, StingingUrtica dioicaWeedDo Not Feed
NipplewortLapsana communisWeedSafe to Feed
Orchard Grass, Cat Grass, Oat Grass, Wheat Grass, Rye GrassDactylis glomerataGrassLeavesSafe to Feed
Ostrich FernMatteuccia struthiopterisFernFeed Sparingly/Do Not Feed
Owl's Clover; Pink BrushOrthocarpus purpurascensWeedFeed Sparingly/Do Not Feed
PampasgrassCortaderia selloanaGrassFeed Sparingly
Pearl Millet, Fountaingrass, White MilletPennisetum glaucumGrassSeedsSafe to Feed
Pennywort, Navelwort, KidneywortCotyledon umbilicus, venerisWeedSafe to Feed
Pepper, BellCapsicum annuummDo Not Feed
PeppergrassLepidium sp.GrassLeavesFeed Sparingly
PersimmonDiospyros texanum, virginianaWeedLeavesFeed in Moderation
PetuniaPetunia sp.PlantFeed Sparingly
PhloxPhlox sp.PlantFeed in Moderation
Pig's EarsCotyledon orbiculataSucculentLeaves, FlowersFeed Sparingly
Pigweed/AmaranthAmaranthus sp.WeedSeedFeed Sparingly/Do Not Feed
Pineapple GuavaFeijoa sellowianaPlantFruit Feed in Moderation
Pink PerslaneMontia sibiricaWeedLeaves, FlowersFeed in Moderation
Plantain, Ribwort PlantainPlantago lanceotataWeedLeavesSafe to Feed
Poppy, California poppyEschscholzia californicaPlantLeaves, FlowersFeed in Moderation
Poppy, WelshMeconopsis cambricaPlantSeedsFeed in Moderation
Sweet PotatoIpomoea batatasDo Not Feed
Pothos, Devil's IvyEpipremnum aureumPlantDo Not Feed
Poverty WeedMonolepis nuttallia; Iva axillarisWeedEntire PlantFeed Sparingly
Prickly Pear, Cactus PadOpuntia ficus-indicaSucculent Entire PlantFeed in Moderation
PrimrosePrimula vulgarisPlantDo Not Feed
PumpkinCucurbita maximaShrubLeavesFeed Sparingly
PurslanePortulaca oleraceaWeedDo Not Feed
Quick WeedGalinsoga sp.WeedLeaves, FlowersFeed in Moderation
RadicchioCichorium intybusshrubLeavesFeed in Moderation
RadishRaphanus sativusRootFeed Sparingly/Do Not Feed
RaspberryRubus sp.PlantFruit Feed Sparingly
Red MaidsCalandrinia ciliataWeedFeed Sparingly/Do Not Feed
RedtopAgrostis giganteaGrassLeavesFeed in Moderation
Romain LettuceLacuta sativaShrubLeavesFeed in Moderation
RosemaryRosamarinus sp.HerbLeaves, FlowersFeed Sparingly
Russian Thistle; Prickly SaltwortSalsola kaliTree/ShrubLeaves, FlowersFeed in Moderation
SageSalvia sp.Tree/Shrub/HerbSeedsFeed in Moderation
SainfoinOnobrychis vicifoliaWeedLeavesFeed Sparingly/Do Not Feed
Salad BurnetSanguisorba minorWeedFeed Sparingly
SaltbushAtriplex spShrubDo Not Feed
Sea GrapeCoccoloba uviferaTree/ShrubFeed Sparingly/Do Not Feed
Senna, DesertCassia sp.Tree/ShrubLeavesFeed Sparingly/Do Not Feed
Sesame GrassTripsacum dactyloidesGrassFeed Sparingly/Do Not Feed
Shepherd's PurseCapsella bursa, pastorsisWeedLeavesFeed Sparingly/Do Not Feed
SisalAgave sisalanaSucculentLeavesFeed Sparingly
Slender Grama GrassBouteloua repensGrassLeavesFeed in Moderation
Sow ThistleSonchus oleraceus, arvensisWeedSafe to Feed
Spider PlantChlorophytum comosumPlantLeavesFeed in Moderation
SpiderwortTradescantia virginiana; T. andersonianaSucculentFeed in Moderation
SporobolusSporobolus helvolusTree/ShrubLeavesSafe to Feed
SpurgesEuphorbia sp.WeedDo Not Feed
St. Johns WortHypericum sp.WeedDo Not Feed
Staghorn FernPlatycerium bifurcatumFernDo Not Feed
StonecropsSedum sp.SucculentFeed in Moderation
Strawberry FruitFragaria sp.PlantFruit Feed Sparingly/Do Not Feed
Swedish IvyPlectranthus australisPlant, VineDo Not Feed
Sweet Vernal GrassAnthoxanthum odoratumGrassEntire plant Feed in Moderation
Tea RoseRosa odorataPlantFlowersFeed in Moderation
Tea TreeLeptospermum scopariumTree/ShrubDo Not Feed
Timothy Hay, GrassPhleum pratenseGrassLeavesSafe to Feed
Tree HouseleekAeonium sp.SucculentFeed Sparingly
Tumble ThistleGundelia tournefortiiPlantDo Not Feed
Turnip GreensBrassica rapa subsp. RapaShrubLeavesFeed Sparingly
Vetch, Bush, Common, TuftedVicia sativaWeedLeavesFeed Sparingly
Wandering JewTradescantia albifloraSucculent/VineLeaves, FlowersFeed in Moderation
White Dead nettleLamium albumPlantLeavesSafe to Feed
WillowFamily SalicaceaeTree/ShrubDo Not Feed
Desert WillowChiopsis linearisTree/ShrubFlowersSafe to Feed
WintercressBarbarea vulgarisWeedLeaves, FlowersFeed Sparingly
WisteriaWisteria sp.PlantDo Not Feed
YuccaYucca sp.SucculentDo Not Feed
ZinniaZinnia sp.PlantLeaves, FlowersSafe to Feed
ZucchiniCucurbita peposhrubFruit Feed Sparingly/Do Not Feed

Feeding Recommendations

These plants are safe to feed to your tortoise and have very few restrictions. 

These plants are safe to feed, but typically shouldn’t comprise the majority of their diet. 

These plants typically contain excessive amounts of protein, sugar, or other compounds that could cause health issues if fed in excess. A good benchmark for these is to feed 2-4x per month and not on consecutive days. 

These plants should be fed sparingly, if at all. This classification is typically for plants or fruit that are acceptable for one species and not another. Click on the specific plant for more information.

These plants are either toxic or harmful in some way and should not be fed. 

Credits and References

Dr. Aniket Bansal

Dr. Aniket Bansal is a cell biologist and P.h.D. student in molecular biology at the University of Delhi. He has worked as a researcher for over 8 years and has written, edited, and contributed to several scientific articles and journals. 

Please find a complete list of references and creative commons licenses here


This material is meant for informational purposes only. While every effort has been made to verify the accuracy of what is listed, animals may have adverse reactions to different species, hybrids, soils used, and parts of plants and many factors can affect how a tortoise responds to them. We highly recommend that you take these precautions when introducing a new food item to your tortoise:

  • Verify from multiple sources that you have identified the plant species correctly.
  • Offer a very small quantity initially and observe how your tortoise responds to it. 

The Tortoise Club disclaims all warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy of the information in any of the content on this website. No liability exists against The Tortoise Club or any member of The Tortoise Club, nor can they be held responsible for any allergy, illness or injurious effect that any tortoise may suffer as a result of information on this website or through using any of the plants mentioned by The Tortoise Club.


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